In 1939, Federal Hall was designated a National Historic Site and its stewardship was transferred to the National Park Service. Sixteen years later, Congress re-designated it Federal Hall National Memorial to commemorate the inauguration of George Washington and the invention of American government.


Visitors today can view the bible used by George Washington as he took the oath of office and a section of the railing and a stone tablet from the balcony where he stood at old Federal Hall.

Also on view are models of the original New York City Hall and old Federal Hall, as well as a replica of the printing press from the John Peter Zenger trial. The trial took place here in 1735 and provided an early victory for the principle of a free press.

The Wall Street steps, just across from the New York Stock Exchange, is a popular place for people-watching and for taking photos with the iconic statue of George Washington.


Daily park ranger tours share the site’s extraordinary role in the shaping of American democracy and government.

Printed self-guided tours of the exhibits are available on-site. Visitors can also experience more of George Washington’s New York through our tour brochure.

Commemorative Events

Events at Federal Hall mark important moments in American history and feature performances by living history interpreters and musicians. They include:

  • George Washington’s Inauguration Day (April 30)
  • American Independence Day (July 4)
  • Evacuation Day (November 25)

For more information on visiting, call the Federal Hall park ranger desk at 212-825-6990.

Restoring, activating and sustaining Federal Hall—the birthplace of American democracy—is vital to our heritage.

Federal Hall is a place of firsts: First Capital, First President, First Congress and First Freedoms.

At almost no other time in our history has it been more important than now to understand the legacy of the founders who came together here at Federal Hall to establish the United States of America a new form of government, for and by the people.

New Day at Federal Hall will connect the sesignifican t events of the past with today through transformation of the visitor experience at Federal Hall National Memorial. The effort, a public - private partnership between the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy and the National Pak Service, addresses three main challenges: Education , Restoration and Financial Sustainability

Loving God. Loving People.

The Conservancy

The National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy was founded in 2005 as the official nonprofit partner of the National Parks of New York Harbor — 24 parks and historic sites in the New York City Metropolitan Area. New Day at Federal Hall is a primary initiative of the Conservancy in partnership with the National Park Service, our mission is to restore and transform Federal Hall into a world - class heritage destination with civic, education and tourism programs.


Tonio Burgos

Tonio Burgos is the Chairman of the Conservancy. He is the founder of Tonio Burgos & Associates Inc., a consulting firm which serves a wide range of clients in both the public and private sector across the tristate area. Tonio has served as a member of the Advisory Committee of Lower Manhattan Economic Development Corporation on Transportation issues; as a Commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and as a Director of the PATH Commuter Rail System


Marie Salerno

Marie Salerno is the President and Co-Founder with the late Marian Heiskell of the Conservancy. For 40 years, she has produced multi-faceted campaigns for New York’s cultural,
literary and educational institutions, including The New York Public Library, Thirteen/WNET, New York Magazine and NYC 100: Greater New York Centennial Celebration.


Renee Barnes

Renee Barnes has more than a decade of experience developing public programs for national parks. As Director of Programs and Operations for the Conservancy, she oversees implementation of its public programs as well as its planning and restoration projects.


Lynn Goldner

Lynn Goldner is a film and television producer, who has developed projects for premium cable channels such as HBO and Sundance Channel. She is the Federal Hall producer working to secure the creative talent and partnerships for The Democracy Project and a Grand Rotunda experience.


Laura Herrera and Brandi Marks

Laura Herrera and Brandi Marks are co – founders and managing partners of Full House Events, each with nearly two decades of experience in several industries, including travel and tourism, government, nonprofit fundraising and event production. Full House is developing partnerships and a facilities rentals program for Federal Hall.


Bonnie Levinson

Bonnie Levinson ’s career working in the arts with cultural institutions spans three decades, most recently as deputy director for external affairs at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and as a trustee of several arts organizations including San Francisco Art Institute and EnGardeArts. As a consultant to Federal Hall, she is developing the visual arts and residency programs.


David Taggart

David Taggart has a long career in media and marketing. He specializes in spon sorships, marketing, activations and project development. He is also an award-winning photographer and founder of the social media platform,
Republic of Humanity


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